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Colorama Adult Coloring Book Review

I found Colorama calling out to me from a bookstore at the 16th Street Mall in Denver. Its brightly colored cover featured a free set of colored pencils and promised over 100 designs of coloring bliss. I had been looking for a new adult coloring book. So, I made my purchase and set out to see if the book and pencils were worth the almost $15 bucks they cost me.

First of all, I need to state that yes, the book has over 100 different objects to color. However, those objects are spread across only a little over 60 pages. Somehow, I was expecting 100 pages of coloring. Although, the pages are perforated, of a heavy stock and the print quality is very good, which redeems this minor complaint.

Colorama is a well organized adult coloring book. Designs are set up with the most simple at the beginning move on to more complex designs toward the back. The line drawing are well done and have some variation despite there being some obvious duplicates (I’m looking at you butterflies). My favorite drawing has to be the large flower in the first half of the book. I colored it a dark green and purple and felt the pattern was fun and vibrant. I used the pencils that came with the set on this piece and feel they produced adequate results.

Overall Colorama is a solid adult coloring book with many hours of enjoyable patterns. Please see the chart below for my detailed score. Thanks for reading and I hope you found this review useful. Please subscribe to ColorMeCrazy.org at the bottom of this page if you haven’t already.

The Scores

Category Score Comment
Cover & Packaging 8.00 Nice cover, with good use of color. Like the bonus pack of colored pencils.
Line Drawings 7.00 Good variety of different drawings
Paper and Ink Quality 8.00 Quality paper, Acid free and perforated.
Tranquility 8.00 Overall Relaxing.



A solid adult coloring book