Exclusive news, reviews and info on the Adult Coloring Book scene

The Adult Coloring Book Craze

Most of us have fond memories from our childhood whittling away the hours with a crayon and a coloring book. Back then our parents appreciated how coloring innately calmed us while we loved the colors and creativity of bringing boring line drawings to life. Today, coloring is no longer confined to children and restaurant menus. Adult coloring books are taking the world by storm, from Amazon to your local bookstore everyone is getting back to coloring.

CNN called Adult Coloring an 'alternative to meditation'. Heralding the therapeutic benefits of coloring for all audiences CNN goes on to say that coloring drops anxiety levels and leads to greater tranquility. USA Today cites studies performed in the past showing repetitive patterns like Mandalas can reduce anxiety. While The American Society on Science and Health has also gotten on board promoting recent findings in the therapeutic benefits of Adult Coloring. The benefits of Adult coloring books for reducing stress and anxiety appear to be real. But that can’t be the only reason for Adult Colorings new found popularity.

I want to be a Toy’s R Us Kid

We know the jingle and who really wants to grow up, so that became the battle cry for a generation. The toy industry has gone through a massive shift in recent years with everything from Video Games to My Little Pony crossing the generational line. So if you want that Hello Kitty IPhone cover, PS4, Star Wars Collectible or Coloring Book, don’t feel bad about it.

That’s not to say Adult’s enjoy childish things now, to the contrary. Now things that were once made just for children are geared toward adults. Like Video games, comic books, gummie vitamins and legos, coloring books too are being made for older audiences. Coloring Books like The Secret Garden top Amazon’s bestseller list and subscription services like The Colorado Coloring Company promise to deliver real artwork from real artists to your door. The world of Adult coloring is starting to heat up.

Here at ColorMeCrazy.org we are determined to sort through the mess and find the best Adult Coloring Books and Gear. Just like any product there will be some duds. But that’s why we’re here to help guide you through the piles of material and show you the Gems that will help you achieve inner peace, find your inner child or just relax and make some pretty pictures.

Exclusive News, Reviews and Info on the Adult Coloring Scene